Toronto Labour Day 2012

Toronto, Ontario

September 3, 2012

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Labour Day Parade
Sept. 3, 2012

Toronto, Ontario
Sept. 3, 2012

John Cartwright
Toronto and York Region Labour Council President

"It is great to have you here today on this beautiful Monday labour day in the one hundred and fortieth labour day parade as we are marching in the streets. The title of this year's parade is "Unite Against Austerity" ."

 Lito Sovrevilla
CAW Local 303

"Joining the parade is fun, it is a lot of fun because you are joining with a group, a lot of people are doing it and it is good for the labour union."

Jaswant Dhaliwal
CAW Local 1285

"We have been here since nine thirty and we are very happy to be in the parade today. I hope that everyone gets the message and comes to join us. "

Michelle Harwood
Local 584

"We hope to see more of our members coming out and supporting what is important. When your national union calls you to come out and support what ever is going on out in the community, come on down. Because what effects us effects everybody."

Sid Ryan
Ontario Federation of Labour President

"We need to make sure that labour is standing solidly in the community with our partners. Then and only then do we have an opportunity and a chance to fight back against these so called austerity programs. "

Sonia Grant
PowerShift 2012 GTA Organizer

"I'd like to start off by congratulating the labour movement for being among the leading voices in this country, for building a just and sustainable future and for the rights of my generation and the generations to come. We are all facing a concerted conservative attack and bearing the consequences of austerity. If we want to fight back against this, if we want to start demanding and building the alternatives that we want to see, we need to join forces. This is part of what powershift is all about. It is about bring young people from diverse social movements together to build solidarity, to draw on our commonalities while respecting our very important differences."

Peggy Nash
MP Parkdale-High Park

"The working people of this country are a strength and worker's organizations that improve the standard of living of all Canadians are a strength to our country. I am proud to call myself a CAW member and a supporter of the labour movement. Lets celebrate our achievements and redouble our efforts going forward. Happy labour day everyone."

 Bill Longstreet
CAW Local 303

"Why and I here? For the parade! What else am I here for. We just unionized this year well last year actually we got our contract in just at the end of the year so this is the first year. "

Ken Lewenza
CAW National President

"There are a lot of people across Canada and throughout the world that look to the CAW for inspiration, that look to the CAW for support. Each and every day the CAW wakes up with a vision that the next generation is going to have it better off then the generation before. The only way the young people are going to have an opportunity, the same opportunities that I had and many others had in this society is to fight back and defend; good jobs, good public services, good education, good healthcare, good pensions. This is a day to recognize the trade union movement and particularly at this setting the Canadian Auto Workers Union."

CAW Making A Difference.

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