CAW Women's Conference 2012

Port Elgin, Ontario

August 12, 2012

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CAW Women's Conference
August 12-14, 2012

Port Elgin, Ontario
August 12-14, 2012

Julie White
CAW Director Women's Program

"The CAW women's conference is bigger and better than ever. We have one hundred and eighty seven sisters who have joined us this week in what will become know as our "Political Call to Action". So once again the CAW women's conference is focusing on political action. Together our voices and energy will make a tremendous impact. So let's get started or rather let's continue our work together.

Women's involvement in the political process is the key to change. Raising our voices and taking action ensures that issues women care about from child care, to pensions, to gun control, to good paying jobs, to choice are on the agenda at all three levels of government. The goal of our conference is to build CAW women activists with information on the municipal, provincial and federal governments decision making processes, how you can get involved as well as how we can create change."

Brigette DePape
Activist & Former Senate Page

"I personally think that it is extremely important to vote and I think that it is one important way that we can make political change is through the political system. But I also think that there are extremely important organizing that needs to be done outside of the political system because there are certain changes that aren't politically possible right now even if we did vote in a progressive government.

We have a huge fight ahead of us, there is so much to do and we are growing a movement. I just feel so excited because there has been such a sense of re-awakening across the world from the Arab Spring, to Occupy, to Quebec. People are finally waking up there is a sense of this Neo-Liberal capitalist model is not working with us it is oppressing us and we need a fundamental change. I think that people can work on things like Occupy and some of these changes towards our system and education about why our system is messed up and why it is hurting us and the alternatives. But there are so many different ways to get involved in political organizing as well, changing bills, changing laws stopping the regression of women's rights."

Michele Landsberg
Author "Writing the Revolution"

"These are dangerous times, dangerous times for all the freedoms and rights that we have won. But we can win again and unions, I think, are our best hope because you are the ones that are already united, you already know about solidarity, you know how to organize and get down there and campaign. We need you if we are going to save our country. People want meaning in their lives and there can't be any greater meaning than to be committed to the greater good. This is the moment when the great movements of the twentieth century can come together and put our shoulder to the wheel. Don't get depressed and apathetic by how hard it is going to be, it was always hard, but we've won before and as my late father in law David Lewis said; "You can't wring your hand when you are rolling up your sleeves". So I'll leave you on that note."

CAW Making A Difference.

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