CAW Rallies in Support of Locked out BellTV Workers

August 23, 2012, 10:30 AM EST

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The CAW is throwing its support behind locked out Bell TV workers, with nearly 1,000 convention delegates marching over to a Bell ExpressVu building downtown Toronto.

The union will temporarily adjourn its weeklong convention to rally in support of members of CEP 79M who have been locked out by Bell since July 11.

CAW members will depart the Sheraton Centre (123 Queen Street West) at approximately 12:30 and march over to the Bell ExpressVu building, (76 Adelaide Street West) where the demonstration will take place.

"We're reminding Bell and other large corporations today that it's the workers who make the companies so profitable, not the corporate CEOs," said CAW National President Ken Lewenza.

"This lock out is a disgrace. We will not tolerate a wealthy company like Bell attacking its workforce with the sheer goal of extracting ever more money and creating ever more hardship. If Bell can afford to buy up media outlet after media outlet, it can well afford to pay its staff."

CEP 79M has been in negotiations with Bell TV since April 2011. On July 13, the Canada Industrial Relations Board declared the lock out illegal.

Yesterday afternoon, the CAW voted to join with the CEP to form a new union.  The proposal will next be voted on at the CEP Convention in Quebec City, October 14-17.

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