New Food Rescue Program Launched in Windsor

July 27, 2012, 9:10 AM EST

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On July 17 the Windsor-area Unemployed Help Centre launched a new food rescue program, Plentiful Harvest, that's aimed at tackling hunger in the community.

CAW Local 444 President and Unemployed Help Centre board member Dino Chiodo was on hand for the program's unveiling, championing Plentiful Harvest as a common-sense approach to fostering a healthier community.

"Every year millions of pounds of fresh food go to waste while thousands of our neighbours are in need. This simply doesn't make sense," Chiodo said. "Not only does this program get food to those who need it, it helps us reduce waste. This is a win-win for the Windsor-Essex community."

The program utilizes a refrigerated truck to collect food from producers, farmers, restaurants, banquet halls and other food service and processing operations in the community, before it's discarded. The food is then stored safely at a 3,000 square foot storage facility that houses a walk-in fridge and freezer.

Chiodo said this is the initial phase of the Plentiful Harvest program, with plans to complete a community kitchen by October that can serve food and teach families how to cook. Plans are in the works to eventually dispatch two vans that can deliver food to clients.

The Unemployed Help Centre currently houses a 180-plot community garden that allows families to plant and harvest their own fruits and vegetables.

"Our community has been hit very hard by job losses over the past ten years," Chiodo said. "Until we have a meaningful, national strategy to get people back to work more of our friends and neighbours will need a helping hand."

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