Women, Power & Political Action

Why a Women, Power and Political Action course?  The answer is simple.  If women are to realize true equality it means engaging in political action and challenging power.  Women have made many gains over the years - gains won through political action.  From the right to reproductive choice to legislative protections around harassment and violence, our gains have been won, not given.  But there is still much work to do:  women still earn just 71 cents to every dollar earned by men; fear of violence is a reality for far too many women; and politically, women are seriously underrepresented on city councils, provincial legislatures and federally in the House of Commons.  CAW women know that taking political action works and this course aims to equip women with knowledge and tools to continue our struggle for equality, both in the union and in the broader political realm.  Pre-requisites for this program are one of the following:  Women Activists, Aboriginal, Worker of Colour program or the 4-week PEL.