Jazz Acquisition Results in London Closure

July 12, 2012, 3:05 PM EST

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Today Jazz announced that they will be acquiring six new Bombardier Q400 NextGen aircraft and removing 9 CRJs from the fleet.

As discussed at recent CAW base meetings, this acquisition will result in the elimination of one line of heavy maintenance and subsequently mean the closure of one of the heavy bases. Jazz has indicated that London will be the base to close and that this will occur during the summer of 2013. Furthermore, Jazz will be creating vacancies in Halifax.

In a press release issued today, Joe Randell, Jazz President and CEO stated, "The ongoing rejuvenation of the Jazz fleet will deliver value to all of our stakeholders." However, Randell made no mention of Jazz Technical Services job-loss or how these employees will be impacted by the closure of London's heavy base facility.

"We have been in discussions with Jazz on issues of additional paid moves and retention payments for our members in London," said Ron Smith, CAW's Director of Transportation. "These discussions are ongoing and will be concluded before we reach a new collective agreement with Jazz."

Talks between CAW and Jazz stalled in June after Jazz failed to address many of the members' concerns; instead, Jazz demanded concessions.

"All bases - irrespective of labour affiliation - are susceptible to this type of irresponsible behavior," said CAW Local 2002 President Jamie Ross. "We understand that the replacement of older regional jets by newer aircraft translates into better operating economics, but this should not be accomplished at the expense of Jazz's own employees and CAW members."

Discussions between CAW and Jazz are tentatively scheduled to resume July 23rd in Toronto.

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