Our Choice is Pro-Choice

June 7, 2012, 4:30 PM EST

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Supporters of the anti-choice movement are assembling across the country in the hope of overturning women's legal right to accessible and safe abortion services.  Egged on by Conservative-sponsored motion M-312 that would call legal abortions into question, anti-abortionists have become emboldened.

M-312 proposes the creation of a Parliamentary Committee to examine whether the Criminal Code definition of "human being" should be expanded to include fetuses. In effect, the motion opens the door for the criminalization of abortion and the revival of a long concluded debate.  The motion will be voted on when Parliament resumes in the fall.

One U.S.-based anti-choice organization is organizing a caravan, driving across Canada to call on supporters to end women's right to choose - effectively destroying women's autonomy over their own bodies, reproductive choices and lives. 

In April 1970, the Vancouver Women's Caucus set out for Ottawa. A courageous group of 17 women drove into communities large and small with a coffin strapped to the roof of their van filled with coat hangers that symbolized the deaths of thousands of women who died due to botched abortions each year in Canada," said Julie White, CAW Director of Women's Programs.

"Their actions would lay the groundwork that would see the legalization of a woman's right to choose.  Today 42 years later, an organization known as the Canadian Centre for Bio-Ethical Reform want to take away our rights using fear, guilt, and shock tactics. Join us at the counter protests and let's once again tell them that our reproductive rights are not up for debate."

The CAW is helping to organize peaceful demonstrations to meet anti-choice supporters as they arrive in town. 

Check out the list of events here.

Bring your noise makers, pots and pans and your best pro-choice sign!

To find out more about an event in your area, get involved or organize a counter protest, please contact Penny.Wilkins@caw.ca or Susan.Houston@caw.ca

Check out what CAW President Ken Lewenza and Director of Women's Programs Julie White had to say about M-312.


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