Take Action on a New Deal for Ontario Northland

May 23, 2012, 12:25 AM EST

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A campaign bringing together unions, including the CAW, businesses such as Sun Media newspapers in northeastern Ontario, mayors, the chamber of commerce and other stakeholders calls on the provincial government to provide a "New Deal for Ontario Northland."

The campaign across Northern Ontario has come together since the March 23 announcement by the provincial Liberal government that it plans to sell Ontario Northland.

CAW Local 103 represents about 450 workers at Ontario Northland, a provincial crown corporation providing rail and bus transportation services mainly in northeastern Ontario as well as telecommunications services.

Brian Kelly, president of CAW Local 103, is also spokesperson for the Ontario Northland Chairpersons' Association, which is an umbrella group representing five unions at Ontario Northland. Kelly stressed it is important that anyone concerned about the future of Ontario Northland continue to speak out.

He said there are a whole series of issues affecting the north that the Liberal government of Dalton McGuinty is not responding to. Mayors across the north, for example, have been trying to meet with the Premier since the March 23 announcement, but he has refused to meet.

"The whole North is speaking with one voice and the Premier needs to pay attention not only to the Ontario Northland issue but also to the many other issues affecting the north," said Kelly.

Kelly urged those concerned about the future of Ontario Northland to visit the New Deal for Ontario Northland website at www.nd4on.ca and to send emails to the leaders of Ontario political parties urging them to not only maintain but further enhance the services provided by Ontario Northland.

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