Day of Action Queen's Park Rally

Toronto, ON

April 21, 2012

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Day of Action Queen's Park Rally
April 21, 2012

Toronto, Ontario
April 21, 2012

Sid Ryan
Ontario Federation of Labour, President

"Eighty-six community organizations, together with private and public sector unions, are sending a strong signal to this premier that this budget is grossly unfair in that it does not share the burden of paying down the deficit equally across society. It singles out workers particularly in the public sector. It singles out people on social assistance and it singles out people with disabilities pensions. We are saying to those folks you have to pay down the deficit in this province and we are saying to corporations that you don't have to pony up one red cent, and that my friends is simply wrong.`"

 Lana Goldberg
Occupy Toronto

"This budget is completely unacceptable with its cuts to education and healthcare and pensions and jobs and wages. It is unacceptable that the ninety-nine percent are being made to pay for a crisis that was caused by the one percent. We will not pay for their crisis."

Sandy Hudson
Canadian Federation of Students-Ontario, Chairperson

"This government tried to bribe students and said we will give you a thirty percent reduction in tuition fees. Well, let me tell you where we are today. This government promised a reduction instead less than one-third of all students have received any money at all. In fact just a few weeks ago they announced again that tuition fees were going up."

 Sharon DeSousa
PSAC Regional Executive Vice-President, Ontario

"We are fed up with being lied to and false promises. Brothers and sisters, we are Ontario. We are Canada and if municipally, provincially and federally you challenge us we will be here."

Ken Lewenza
CAW National President

"The province of Ontario made by the people should be run by the people and the people are here at Queen's Park speaking out. We need good quality public service. It is essential to the good of the province of Ontario. Let me also say you need jobs in the private sector to support jobs in the public sector. There are a lot of retirees here today. Those retirees have built a wonderful country through political and social activism but what they wanted was the next generation to have better opportunity then they had and today brothers and sisters that opportunity is not nearly as bright without have an industrial strategy for good jobs. Keep fighting, demand justice and if we fight hard enough we will succeed. Thanks you brothers and sisters."

CAW Making A Difference.

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