Snowbear Demonstration

Toronto, ON

April 23, 2012

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CAW Back on Bay St. Protest for Snowbear Workers
April 23, 2012

Toronto, Ontario
April 23, 2012

Ken Lewenza
CAW National President

"Mr. Glassman we are out here today asking you for a little bit of decency. Asking you to live up to your moral responsibility, asking you to treat these workers with respect and dignity. Take a look at the faces of people you have abandoned. Take a look at the faces of those that are prepared to fight for justice. We want justice.

This isn't five hundred dollars in isolation, it's about ten thousand dollars owed to this sister, it is about eighteen thousand owed to this young man, it's about nine thousand owed to this sister, sixteen thousand to this brother, seventeen thousand to this brother.

Brothers and sisters this is an incredible injustice against human beings exploited by Catalyst run by Mr. Newton Glassman. Let me say to Mr. Newton Glassman, you can run my friend but you cannot hide. You can lock these doors but we will be back the next time without notice and we'll take your office over until you provide the workers the respect that they deserve.

We are fighting for justice, it is not just about severance pay for 40 workers it is about corporate greed. It is about private equity companies buying over corporations and if they don't make profits they abandon workers and the law allows them to get away with it. Mr. Glassman get to the table, bargain an agreement with the billions of dollars that you have in resources to protect the interests of forty workers as they move on with their lives without the employer. You do not have the right, the moral right to walk away from worker who are owed money. So Mr. Glassman we are not going away.

You know he just sent me a letter through his lawyer that said:"I find the CAW is harassing me and I won't respond to the call". If you think a phone call is harassment, we are going to keep calling, we are going to keep coming out here until you sit it at the bargaining table and get a resolution for these workers."

Bill Gibson
CAW Kitchener Area Director

"This injustice has got to stop, because this is a microcosm of what's going on in this country. Workers are at the bottom of the heap and it should be the other goddamned way around. These people have toiled their entire lives to make a company profitable and to be kicked aside the way they are is goddamned obscene."

Gary Delong
CAW Local 1917 Chairperson Unit 15, Snowbear

"Our government is going to need to stand up and take notice to these industrial vampires like Glassman and his crew up there. Anybody investing with Catalyst has got to look at what is happening here and say is this something I really want to happen. There are families that are owed a lot of money and it is just disgusting."

 Robin Dudley
CAW Local 1917 President

"We appreciate everybody coming out today, helping these workers trying to get their severance that they are due. It is a measly five hundred thousand dollars to a person that deals with billions of dollars a day. It is insulting, it is disgusting. We were here a few weeks ago, we were promised a phone call which never happened. Which insults our local, insults our workers, insulted our national president by not calling him as promised. They have insulted our union and we are not going to stand for that. It is unacceptable brothers and sisters."

CAW Making A Difference.

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