Auto Jobs Policy Townhall Meeting Windsor, ON

Windsor, ON

April 17, 2012

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Windsor Town Hall
Auto Jobs Windsor Town Hall
April 17, 2012



Windsor, Ontario
April 17, 2012

Ken Lewenza
CAW National President

"Let me begin as I always begin by thanking Jack (Robinson), the local union leadership the community more generally for coming together on a very important issue and not an issue about the CAW in isolation. About good jobs, jobs that pay decent wages, decent benefits and decent conditions."

Jim Stanford
CAW Economist

"It is about the community, it isn't about auto workers, it is not just about CAW members it is about the whole community, the whole province, the whole country. The central theme of our initiative here is to show that we all depend on the auto industry and the good jobs that are provided in the auto industry and other high value, high wage, highly productive, export orientated industries like the auto industry."

Dino Chido
Windsor District Labour Council, President

"Brothers and sisters I commend you for speaking out. This is the first in a forum of eight strategies going to eight cities talking about this important initiative and it is all about rethinking Canada's auto industry. How important is that? There are sixty thousand spinoff jobs, if you get rid of the automotive and manufacturing industries in Windsor we are a Ghost-town. And I thank you for all the work, all the dedication, everything that the automotive industry gives to this community."

 Brian Masse
Windsor West, MP

"In 2005 this country had a sixteen billion dollar manufacturing deficit that has now gone as of last year to eighty-one billion dollars. An eighty-one billion dollar manufacturing deficit is a crisis for this country, we have to have more manufacturing jobs so I am excited about this opportunity to engage the communities, engage the government and to challenge for value added industries."

Joe Comartin
Windsor-Tecumseh, MP

"We are talking about a federal government that has to stop withdrawing, has to pickup this policy, has to partner with the auto companies and the labour movement, to make sure that we continue to have a viable manufacturing sector and in-particular a viable auto manufacturing sector. "

 Lorraine Goodard
United Way/Centraide Windsor-Essex

"Tonight we are here to highlight the value of the auto industry and the importance of well paying sustainable jobs in our community. Thanks to the leadership of the CAW; breakfast programs, computers for kids, bikes for kids, seniors programs and other positive fun entertainment for children and families are delivered in our community each year. We can always count on the auto industry and the CAW membership to step up to help. At United Way we cannot imagine the community without the automotive industry and the men and women working in this sector."

Rick LaPorte
CAW Local 444 President

"There is no question that the automotive industry is at a crossroads today. We need to put an auto policy in place or face the reality of a dying industry. Our community needs decent jobs, good paying jobs, productive jobs. Without them we cannot support local businesses pay out taxes or raise our families. So take the good jobs pledge today, have your family and friends sign the pledge as well. Our future, our children's future and our grandchildren's future are at stake. Thank you very much."

CAW Making A Difference.

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