Auto Jobs Policy Press Conference

Toronto, ON

April 16, 2012

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Auto Industry Campaign Launch
Auto Industry Campaign Launch
April 16, 2012

Toronto, Ontario
April 16, 2012

Ken Lewenza
CAW National President

"Our auto initiative is an attempt to have a more serious, informed conversation about what is truly required to keep this vital industry healthy in Canada; dynamic, vibrant and profitable. An industry that can support good jobs for todays auto workers and for the next generation which we talk about on a consistent basis in the CAW. If we had an auto investment strategy and a determined strategy from the government to work with the industry, to grow the industry then there is an opportunity to grow jobs. This is about trying to educate Canadians and communities to recognize the importance of the auto industry and ask them to join with us. There is an alternative to the race to the bottom. If you take a look at Brazil, if you take a look at Germany, take a look at Japan, why are we not looking at those alternatives. Every single day people are talking about the uncompetitiveness of the Canadian auto industry and we are going to show them that's false."

Jim Stanford
CAW Economist

This is, as Ken said, a critical juncture for the auto industry. The paper reviews the crisis that the industry has endured and survived and we hope that our document today will start the sort of discussion about what kind of policy that we need, what kind of policy would work. This is the moment to nail down serious, modern, effect auto strategy. The auto industry still matters to the whole economy. It accounts for twelve percent of Canada's total exports. It makes a disproportionate contribution to our productivity. Productivity in this industry is four times as high as in the private sector as a whole. Everyone of these policies has been tried successfully in another auto producing jurisdiction in the world today. So this is not an utopian exercise. We think that these are the sorts of measures that a high wage economy like Canada can and should be implementing. In order to maintain this essential industry's foothold moving forward."

CAW Making A Difference.

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