Auto Industry Central to Oshawa's Economy, says New CAW Analysis

April 18, 2012, 3:10 PM EST

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The auto industry is an important part of the Oshawa area economy, says a new analysis by the CAW. Tens of thousands of jobs in the area depend on maintaining and growing the industry.

The analysis of the auto industry in the Oshawa metropolitan area is being released as part of the "Re-think the Economy, Re-think Canada's Auto Industry" campaign, launched Monday at a press conference in Toronto.

"The fate of the Oshawa economy is strongly linked to that of the auto industry, so it's critical for our community that we work to not only maintain the jobs we currently have, but grow the industry, through sound policy and new investments," said CAW Local 222 President and chair of the CAW-GM Master Bargaining Committee Chris Buckley.

"Over the last five years Oshawa has lost a stunning 10,200 good manufacturing jobs, or 1 out of 3. The community cannot afford to lose anymore," said Buckley.

Tomorrow evening in Oshawa, the CAW will be hosting a community forum on auto jobs and the community, the third in a series of eight meetings.

Oshawa Community Forum
Thursday April 19 at 6:30 p.m.
CAW Local 222 Union Hall
1425 Phillip Murray Avenue

Some key information about the auto industry in Oshawa:

. The auto industry directly employs 6,000 people in the Oshawa Census Metropolitan Area.
. Thousands more jobs are created to supply the industry in steel, plastics and other manufacturing sectors, and services.
. 376,806 vehicles were built in Oshawa in 2011 (or 1,032 per day) and hundreds of thousands more auto parts.
. Auto workers' paycheques pumped $356 million into the Oshawa economy in 2011 (or $975,000 per day).
. The major original equipment manufacturing jobs in the region stimulate an estimated 32,000 additional jobs throughout the economy.
. In 2011, Oshawa auto workers paid $97 million in income, payroll and sales tax (or $267,000 per day), funds needed to support vital public services like health care, education, employment insurance, public pensions and social services.
. Auto worker's fundraising efforts also directly support community organizations such as the United Way, women's shelters and food banks.

For more information on the campaign or to read the entire analysis, please visit:

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