CAW, CEP Workshop

Toronto, Ontario

February 25, 2012

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CAW,CEP Workshop
CAW, CEP Workshop
dated February 25, 2012

Toronto, Ontario
February 25, 2012

Toronto, Ontario
February 25, 2012

Inspired Comments
"A union that we can be proud of, a union that can be a leader in Canada a union that our members will want to belong to. Mobilizing the ninety nine percent, creating a better Canada. New energy, nouvelle énergie."

 Ken Lewenza
CAW National President

"Thank you for participating along with the next couple of days as we try to map out a strategy. This is the time in our history when we are going to make, I believe, a significant difference on behalf of our combined membership. We are here for one reason, how do we best serve our members going forward. How do we recognize that it is not business as usual. How do we recognize that the power of capitalism has to be challenged in a different way then we have done it before because of the kind of circumstances that we see ourselves in today. I sense a lot of optimism, I sense a lot of determination to make this work. The multiple groups we met with yesterday are looking to us now, to lead, to provide them with the information, to make the sure we are communicating with them, to make sure our members are on top of the issues the we are going to talk about moving forward building union solidarity in the best interest of all workers in Canada. Thank you."

John Cartwright
Toronto and York Regional Labour Council, President

"We've got to go back to the roots of our union which weren't born in the workplace. The organizing drives didn't take place at the workplace lunchroom because you couldn't talk union there. They took place at kitchen tables, they tool place in ethnic meeting halls and they took place in neighbourhood bars. The future of our union movement is to go back and rediscover those roots about how, in our communities, people talk union with their neighbours, their friends and their families. I think that's how you rebuild a fabulous new union for the twenty first century in this country."

Lana Payne
Newfoundland & Labrador Federation of Labour, President

"We are a movement of amazing activists who want to do one thing, they want to make the world a better place. Today everything we believe in is under attack. We need a bold offence, we need a spark. So what you are doing today, its been said, is history making. But fundamentally, this bold course you've embarked on, is yes, about the future of our movement but is much bigger than that. It is about the kind of world we all want."

Dave Cole
CEP President

"When in the history books have you ever seen this kind of transparency to create a new union where you've got staff, rank and file, officers, academics, friends all in the same room saying we want to build something new. Don't forget our history, but don't let it govern our future. The door is open here and we'll come out of this with a model, I think, that will serve working class people for the future to come. So lets pat ourselves on the back and congratulate each other for opening up our hearts and histories and working towards the most historic union that this country if not the world has ever seen. Thank you."

CAW Making A Difference.

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