Electro Motive Closure Agreement Ratification

London Ontario

February 23, 2012

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CAW Local 27 Electro Motive
CAW Local 27 Reaches Closure Settlement with Electro-Motive
dated February 23, 2012

London, Ontario
February 23, 2012


London, Ontario
February 23, 2012

Speaker for the Floor
CAW Local 27

"I can't believe that we took on the worst corporation in the world, the greatest private sector union took them on and I am so proud of what we did. Who here was the coward? Who Here? Caterpillar! Let's do it. So-So-So Solidarity. Thank you everybody, thank you."

 Bob Scott
CAW Local 27 Electro-Motive Plant Chair

"Good morning brothers and sisters, this has been quite a battle and like I said no one has been forgotten in this agreement we have today. We fought for everybody and everybody is getting something, nobody is being disadvantaged at all. We've got everything we can possibility get out of Caterpillar. We squeezed them for every nickel possible. I'd just like to address a couple of issues before we are done here. First of all I'd like to thank the bargaining committee for all their work. We've spent a lot of time together and they've done a hell of a job. This has been a hard negotiation and you know for the last twenty-three years its been a big part of my family and I just appreciate that from everybody and I just want to say thank you."

Robert Johnson
International Metalworkers Federation

"What I want to say to you is to extend the solidarity on behalf of the international trade union movement and also to reassure you that your fight is not going to go unrecognized and won't go unnoticed. Caterpillar is not a new company to us at the IMF. We know them well and I can assure you if it wasn't for your strength and the fact that you are unionized in a great union you would not have any deal at all. This company has got past history and until all employees in the company where ever they are in the world understand the industrial rape that is taking place here in Canada we won't have done our job at the IMF and I reassure you that we will inform those workers, the struggle goes on and I wish you well in the future."

 Tim Carrie
CAW Local 27 President

"As I've said it is a bittersweet day, I believe that through the hard work of the bargaining committee that we have achieved a severance package here that is going to set a standard for employers who think they can pull this kind of crap off down the road. We need to say; "How can a company come in, buy a plant and do what Caterpillar did." That should be illegal in the country of Canada and we need people to start speaking up. Because of you, you woke up a lot of people brothers and sisters and you've got to recognize what you have done here and the strength that you have brought to this committee. Thank you, without your strength, without your solidarity, without your class we would never have gotten to the type of severance package that we will be voting on today. So thank you to the membership, thank you.."

Ken Lewenza
CAW National President

"We have an overwhelming ratification of a closure agreement, ninety-five percent ratification but I don't want anyone to misunderstand that the ninety-five percent is not in acceptance of what Caterpillar did.It is ninety-five percent in support of the bargaining committee in recognizing that the closure agreement that we bargained on behalf of our members, with a very tough employer, was incredibly good under the circumstances. We are going to need some incredible public policy mechanisms for us to reverse this trend. Providing a carrot to keep jobs here is a good idea but there has to be a condition that if you get a tax break then you are providing job here for the long haul. You just can't take our R & D money, you can't take our tax breaks, you can't ask for corporate tax breaks then move our jobs to any place in the world that you see fit. That is exploiting Canadian tax payers and it is exploiting communities like London."

CAW Making A Difference.

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