CAW Members Strike for Fair Deal at 407 ETR

February 22, 2012, 2:45 PM EST

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Call centre workers at 407 ETR, the Ontario private highway operator that runs from Pickering to Burlington, have set up pickets outside the company headquarters in Woodbridge after voting down a contract proposal that did not fully address concerns around wage improvements and stronger job classification language.

CAW Local 414 members, who handle customer inquiries, billing, registrations and other job duties, hit the picket line late last night.

Deb Tveit, Assistant to CAW President Ken Lewenza, said this dispute is a matter of fairness and respect for front-line workers.

"This employer has created a situation where two sets of workers are performing essentially the same tasks at different rates of pay," Tveit said. "The animosity this has created has reached a boiling point for our members."

CAW Local 414 President Christine Connor said there is a great deal of frustration among the members right now that the company has to recognize. 

407 International Inc, (the parent organization of 407 ETR), recently announced year-end 2011 profits of $128 million.

CAW Local 414 represents 130 members at the 407 ETR.

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