Labour Movement Rallies in Support of Electro-Motive Lockout

London, Ontario

January 21, 2012

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CAW Labour Day 2011
Labour Movement Rallies in Support of Electro-Motive Lockout
dated January 21, 2012

London, Ontario
January 21, 2012

Sid Ryan
Ontario Federation of Labour, President

"Fifteen thousand workers from fifty-four unions across this great province have come to London today to stand in solidarity with CAW 27. We are sick and tired of the corporate greed that exists in corporate Canada here today and that Caterpillar has now become the poster child for corporate greed in this country and indeed around the world."

 Tim Carrie
CAW Local 27, President

"Caterpillar has a history of beating down workers, they have a history of attacking unionized work places and getting away with it. Not this time Caterpillar. Not this time. "

Sister Sue Wilson
Federation of Sisters of St. Joseph of Canada

"When a corporation is making hugh profits and it offers its workers a deal that would cut their wages by more than fifty percent, it is not just a labour issue it is a justice issue. When corporate profits soar but ordinary workers don't benefit, our community is weakened. When governments fail to ensure that the markets serve the public good, our community is weakened. We all know that the workers in Muncie Indiana are not the problem. The workers in Brazil or China are not the problem. The problem is an economic model that's not serving the needs of everyone."

 Ken Georgetti
Canadian Labour Congress, President

"We are told by the Investment Canada Act, that the whole purpose of that act is a net benefit to Canada. I want to ask you a couple of questions; Is Caterpillar's offer a net benefit to the workers in that plant? Is Caterpillar's behaviour a benefit to Canada?... Exactly! "

Megan Walker
London Abused Women's Centre, Exec. Director

"The fight to save jobs at Caterpillar is not just about CAW. This is about every union, every working person and every community across this country."

 Katy Fulfer
PSAC DCL 610, President

"The Majority of our members are young workers , for many of us it is the first time in a unionized workplace. To me what Caterpillar represents is the future that we have to look forward to if things do not change because the Canada being offered to us by Ottawa is not good enough."

Brianne Jones
Student, Daughter of EMD Worker

"For young Canadians we have to understand that this fight is our fight, it is our future that is at stake. We have to build on the progress made by past generations. We can't afford to go backwards. We shouldn't have to inherit a society where greed trumps morality, where the rich rule and the rest are left to suffer. We must continue to stand up and support each other just like we are doing here today. We have to let Caterpillar know that they are not going to get away with this."

Occupy London

"So we think that we need to take back our factories, we need to take back our schools, we need to take back our political institutions."

Bob Scott
CAW Local 27 Electro-Motive Plant Chair

"I want to thank everybody for coming here today. I want to thank the people from this community who have supported us, who have been on the line with us daily, with donations, firewood, everything. This is not a fight about our membership, this is for our community. Caterpillar you want a fight you've got one. Like I said, this is not about four hundred and fifty people. You pissed off the wrong membership here."

Ken Lewenza
CAW National President

"In the last five years four hundred and fifty thousand manufacturing workers in Canada were asked to go home and say to their young children and say to their families that they lost their jobs through no fault of their own. Jobs that build communities, jobs that build schools, jobs that build hospitals, jobs that build streets and sewers, we need these jobs. Mr. Harper walked into the Caterpillar plant during an election photo-op. He walked around and told our members: "Your jobs are more secure today as a result of corporate tax cuts and tax incentives." We leave here today supporting our members at Caterpillar and supporting workers rights. It is about us coming together as a people throughout the world and demanding equality, demanding equity, demanding opportunity and demanding good jobs."

CAW Making A Difference.

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