Regional Programs

One and three day programs are offered continuously throughout the calendar year on a regional basis (not usually scheduled during the months of July, August and December because of workplace vacations).  The decision regarding choice of courses offered, location and date are made by the Education Department in conjunction with local union leadership and education committees in the area.  National union policy requires a minimum of fifteen (15) participants for a course to be scheduled.

These are an excellent way for local unions to provide education for their members in their own communities at very little cost to the local.  Members from various locals, different sectors and diverse backgrounds can come together in one program to learn more about our union and discuss common workplace concerns and social issues.

Members participate in one day programs on a volunteer (not paid lost-time) basis in almost every case (local unions can provide time off with pay if they wish).  The National Union provides discussion leaders and all educational materials.  All area schools are eight (8) hours in duration (6.5 hours of curriculum, 1.5 hours for lunch and breaks).  Every CAW member is eligible to attend.

To see if any programs are being offered in your area, click on your province listed below.