Community barbeque for locked out Electro-Motive workers

London, Ontario

January 7, 2012

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CAW Labour Day 2011
Community barbeque for locked out Electro-Motive workers
dated Jan 7, 2012

London, Ontario
January 7, 2012

Tim Carrie
CAW Local 27 President

"Since this lockout began, I think that Caterpillar underestimated, not only the response of the labour movement but the response of the community as a whole. Earlier this week we had a dentist from the community drop by the line and said; "I am fully in support of you" and handed over a cheque for a thousand dollars. That is just a small part of the kind of outreach and support that we are getting from the community. You cannot come to Canada, buy a facility like this and take away our worker's wages and benefits they are not for sale. Our jobs are not for sale."

Dan Borthwick
CAW Local 88 President

"The mood here today is one of, I'm going to say, hope and optimism. CAW local 88, the leadership and membership got together and wanted to do something for the brothers and sisters of local 27 and this is what came to us right off the bat."

Peggy Nash
MP, Parkdale-Highpark

"We have a situation here where the workers that have built this company for fifty years, that have made profits for this company, that have worked their butts off for this company, especially over the last six months now face a demand for a fifty percent pay cut and an attack on their benefits and their pensions. It is absolutely unacceptable in Canada today."

Bob Orr
CAW Assistant to National President

"This is probably the most egregious example of a company doing so well demanding so much. So this might be the one, the bell weather, that says to the public this is really about what kind of community we want versus what kind of profits we make for the employer."

Bob Scott
CAW Local 27 Electro-Motive Plant Chair

"The community has been overwhelming with support. We have businesses and other smaller companies around here providing stuff for us every day and support is just growing on a daily basis."

Marco Negro
CAW Local 2163 Vice-President

"For a company that is that profitable to do something like this to their workers, to this facility here that actually made them a profit, is completely disgusting."

Carl Cywink
CAW Local 2163 President

"It is so important that we make a stand here because everyone else is sitting there waiting and watching to see what is going to happen here."

 Stephanie Desjardins
CAW Local 444

"I brought my kids with me, they are seven and eight years old. I think it is important that I educate them, to make them realize that this is what's going on in our economy and in our world today. Everything could disappear in a heartbeat if we don't stand up for our rights."

Claudia Vicencio

"We are talking about constitutional rights here. The right to collectively bargain and reach a deal at the table is something that is inshrined in our constitution, the supreme court has said that it is part of our constitution."

Jayson Mercier
CAW Local 444

"We are tired of the revolving door for these corporations. The conservative government
puts them on such a high pedestal as if they are giving us all theses great paying jobs. It's just not what's happening. They are giving these tax cuts to these corporations and these corporations are taking these tax cuts and disappearing with it. They are removing the jobs and they are destroying communities, That's what is happening."

CAW Making A Difference.
Irene Mathyssen
MP London-Fanshawe

"This is our country, these are our communities, we built them, we made them strong and we are going to continue to demand the kind of good jobs that support those communities."

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