December 21, 2012 - Volume 42, No. 45

    • Negotiate First Nations Treaty Rights, Labour Leaders Urge
    • Support for Women's Shelters
    • Campaign for Democratic and Economic Rights
    • Plentiful Harvest Food Rescue Program
    • Congrats: CAW Council delegate Kelly Lynn

    December 14, 2012 - Volume 42, No. 44

    • Commit to Grassroots Organizing, Lewenza Urges
    • Austerity a False Solution to Economic Crisis
    • Fighting Back Against Bill C-377
    • Speak Out Against Union Busting "Right to Work" Proposals
    • Improving Health and Safety an Important Force in Organizing
    • Justice for Aboriginal Women and their Families
    • Support for Food Banks and Women's Shelters
    • Government Must Prioritize Chronic Youth Unemployment
    • Auto Campaign Continues into New Year
    • NHLPA's Don Fehr Speaks at CAW Council
    • Queen's Diamond Jubilee Medal Presentation

    December 7, 2012 - Volume 42, No. 43

    • New Agreement at Irving Shipyards in Halifax, Nova Scotia
    • Diamond Jubilee Medal for Young Cancer Research Fundraiser
    • Canadian Unions Call For a Sustained Push to Meet HIV Goals
    • CAW Lauds Aerospace Review
    • Toronto Council Votes to Maintain Statutory Holidays
    • Maintain Industrial Jobs in Toronto, CAW Urges
    • Activist Brigette DePape joins CAW Campaign to Stop Greyhound's Cuts
    • CAW Movember Fundraiser
    • December 6 Coalition Calls for National Action on Violence Against Women
    • CAW Statement on "The International Day of Persons with Disabilities"

    November 30, 2012 - Volume 42, No.42

    • Ending Violence Against Women Speak Out, Take Action
    • Thank You for Your Solidarity
    • Workers Look to Premiers for Much-Needed Good Job Creation
    • FFAW/CAW 10th Constitutional Convention
    • CAW Local 504 Gives Back
    • CEP News.

    November 23, 2012 - Volume 42, No. 41

    • CAW Grieves the Passing of Labour Icon Cliff Pilkey
    • CAW Reaches New Agreement at Auto Parts Maker Wescast
    • Support for Victimized Iran Trade Unionists
    • New Research on Occupational Causes of Breast Cancer
    • Chinese Trade Unionists Study Canadian Collective Bargaining

    November 16, 2012 - Volume 42, Number 40

    • New Union Founding Convention Labour Day Weekend 2013
    • Transportation Workers Set Global Agenda in Toronto
    • Victory for Local 252 Members Campaigning to Protect Jobs
    • Toronto Retail Workers Closer to Winning Back Stat Holidays
    • Outrage at Navistar Attempt to have Class Action Suit Dismissed
    • Visit to the Wescast Picket Line
    • And the Winners are.
    • CAW Welcomes New Members
    • On the Beat: New CAW-rabble.ca Labour Reporter

    November 9, 2012 - Volume 42, No. 39

    • Coast Guard Service Cuts Dangerous, Marine Communicators Say
    • Lear Workers Approve New Contract
    • Deny Greyhound Proposal for B.C. Service Cuts, CAW Urges
    • Jazz CSA/ACS: Looking for Efficiencies at Workers' Expense
    • Health Care Workers Support Wescast Picket Line
    • Fatality: CAW Local 462 Member

    November 2, 2012 - Volume 42, No. 38

    • CAW Reaches Tentative Agreement with Lear Whitby
    • First Agreement with Algoma Great Lakes Shipping
    • CAW on Strike at Engine Supplier Wescast, Strathroy
    • Cargojet Pilots Join the CAW
    • CAW Opens Negotiations with VIA Rail
    • Plan to Revitalize Ontario Northland Unveiled
    • Redirect Oil Subsidies to New Green Economy: Young Activists
    • Jenny Ahn: Race Relations Award Winner
    • CAW Volunteers Help Naturalize Park in Mississauga, Ontario
    • CAW Solidarity with Mozambique

    October 26, 2012 - Volume 42, No. 37

    • New Agreement at McMaster University in Hamilton, Ontario
    • Northern Gateway Pipeline Protests in BC
    • CETA Threatens Thousands of Jobs in Nova Scotia:  CCPA Study
    • CAW-CEP Urge Feds, Ontario to Protect Green Jobs Program
    • Nestle Workers ask Toronto to Stop Rezoning
    • Nova Scotia WCB Board of Directors Appointment
    • Mexican Senate to Vote on Anti-Worker Law
    • Waste Reduction Week at Windsor - BIGGER than ever!

    October 19, 2012 - Volume 42, No. 36

    • CEP Votes in Favour of New Union
    • CAW President Urges Ontario Legislature to Resume Quickly
    • Bridgewater Area Care Workers Join CAW
    • Protesting Transportation Cuts in the Maritimes
    • Gains at Extendicare Nursing Homes in Ontario
    • CAW Human Rights Conference - Deadline Extended

    October 12, 2012 - Volume 42, No. 35

    • First Agreement at CUSCO
    • Bud Jimmerfield Award 2012
    • MCTS Station Closures a Major Safety Risk
    • National Jobs Strategy Long Overdue, CAW says
    • Power Shift 2012: Help End Fossil Fuel Subsidies
    • Put Food in the Budget - Ontario Campaign
    • CEP Convention and Final Vote October 14-17
    • Keep VIA on Track! Stop the Cuts
    • CAW Statement on World Day for Decent Work 2012

    October 4, 2012 - Volume 42, No. 34

    • CAW Members at GM and Chrysler Approve New Deal
    • From Russia with Solidarity
    • CAW Participates in International Day of Action for Airline Workers
    • Unions Endorse Mass Sit-in to Defend West Coast
    • Pitching in to Pick up at CAW Local 1285

    September 28, 2012 - Volume 42, No 33

    • Ford Workers Approve New Deal
    • GM Workers Vote on Pattern Agreement
    • Tentative Deal Reached at Chrysler
    • First Agreement with Algoma Great Lakes Shipping
    • Powering Up: Food for the Future
    • ITF Youth Conference 2012 - Montreal, Quebec
    • Sisters in Spirit Vigils - October 4

    September 21, 2012 - Volume 42, No. 32

    • CAW Reaches Tentative Agreement with Ford Canada
    •  Labour College of Canada 2013 - Applications now available!
    • Promoting Work-Life Balance for Retail Workers
    • New Port Elgin Courses This Fall
    • CAW Human Rights Conference
    • CAW Group Insurance Gift Card Winners


    September 14, 2012 - Volume 42, No. 31

    • Auto Bargaining Deadline: Sept. 17 at 11:59 p.m.
    • Job Stats Show National Good Jobs Strategy Overdue
    • The Quebec Election: A Historic Moment
    • Attack on Collective Bargaining in Ontario Schools
    • Hope In High Heels Walk for Halton Women's Place
    • EI Changes Make Workers More Vulnerable
    • United Way Campaign 2012
    • Ontario Northland is Not for Sale
    • Bev McCloskey Named Outstanding Retired Worker
    • Support for Striking B.C. Workers
    • Are You Coming to Power?

    September 7, 2012 - Volume 42, No. 30

    • Little Progress in Auto Bargaining, CAW says
    • Hope Springs Eternal for Workers this Labour Day
    • Sign Your Organ Donor Card
    • Workers' Compensation Conference: October 26 to 28
    • CLC Labour College Grads
    • It's Not Too Late!

    August 24, 2012 - Volume 42, No. 29

    • New Union Project Inspires CAW Delegates, Passes Unanimously
    • Take Up Challenge of Building  Better World, Lewenza Urges
    • Union Pushes for New Responses to Anti-Worker Agenda
    • Bank Governor Urges Stronger Private Financial Regulation
    • AIDS Pandemic Can Be Stopped,  Stephen Lewis says
    • Feds Must Reveal Budget Impacts, Parliamentary Budget Officer says
    • Canadians Are Better Off in Unions, CLC President says
    • System Not Broken, This is Capitalism; CEP President
    • CUPE President Calls for Unity Among Progressives
    • LeadNow's Julia Pope Urges Pro-Democracy Movement
    • Convention Delegates Elect CAW Leadership Team
    • Collective Bargaining and Political Action Program Approved
    • CAW Rallies for Bell TV Workers
    • Resolutions
    • Nelson Mandela Award

    August 10, 2012 - Volume 42, No. 28

    • Unions Launch Proposal for Largest Private Sector Union
    • New Deal with Rio-Tinto Alcan in Kitimat
    • CAW Celebrates Community Diversity in Brampton
    • CAW Turbine Commissioning Set to Start
    • CAW Files Unfair Labour Complaint Against New Beginnings
    • CAW Fall Education Schedule Now Available
    • Good Jobs Pledge Wins Supporters at Tory BBQ
    • CAW Convention Livestreaming Poster

    July 27, 2012 - Volume 42, No. 27

    • Ontario Government Interference Ends Talks, CAW says
    • Wage Cuts a Non-Starter in Auto Talks, Lewenza says
    • New Agreement at Nova Scotia Bus Line
    • CAW Urges Government to Study Economic Impact of Horse Racing Industry
    • CAW Joins in Dundalk EcoWalk
    • CAW Inks New Deal with Marmon Keystone
    • CAW Local 3003 Member Wins 2012 Dick Martin Award
    • Harper Cutbacks Threaten Canadian Culture and Heritage
    • New Food Rescue Program Launched in Windsor
    • CAW's McCloskey Recognized for Women's Rights Work
    • Helping Hungry Kids in Saskatoon

    July 13, 2012 - Volume 42, No. 26

    • Employment Stats Show National Good Jobs Summit Needed
    • Settlement at Coutts Information Services
    • Federal Cuts to VIA Rail Hurts Passenger Rail Service
    • CAW Members at Toromont CAT Ratify New Agreement
    • Laid Off Workers Face Wage Cuts, Precarious Work, CAW study finds
    • CAW-McMaster Labour Studies Grads Honoured
    • Jazz Acquisition Results in London Closure

    June 29, 2012 - Volume 42, No. 25

    • Job Security Key Issue in Bombardier Ratification
    • CAW Applauds Call for Canadian Made Search and Rescue Fleet
    • EMC Action Employment Centre Grand Opening
    • Canada's Aerospace Industry Needs Strengthened Federal Government Action, CAW says
    • Summer of Pride

    June 22, 2012 - Volume 42, No. 24

    • Oshawa City Council to Join in Lobbying for New Product at GM
    • CAW Acute Care Workers Ratify Agreements in Nova Scotia
    • Vancouver Dragon Boat Festival Picket Against Rio Tinto
    • CAW Retiree is Queen's Jubilee Medal Recipient
    • New Global Trade Union Federation Launched
    • CAW Group Insurance Refer a Friend Contest Winner
    • CAW Welcomes New Members

    June 15, 2012 - Volume 42, No. 23

    • Job Statistics Underscores Need for Good Jobs Summit
    • Our Choice is Pro-Choice
    • Trade Union Rights Under Assault, ITUC Survey says
    • Seismic Surveys Disrupt Fishery, FFAW/CAW says
    • Manitoba Premier Addresses CAW Skilled Trades Council
    • Harper Government Blasted for Awarding Huge Defence Contract to U.S. Firm
    • CAW Support for PowerShift Canada 2012
    • CAW Video Contest

    June 8, 2012 - Volume 42, No. 22

    • CAW Economist Debunks "Myth" of Labour Shortage
    • GM Oshawa Closure Ignores Workers' Sacrifices, says CAW
    • All Parties Agree on Need for National Auto Policy, says CAW
    • A Closer Look at Harper's EI Rollbacks
    • Rallies Opposing Bill C-38
    • Fisheries Act Changes Threaten Commercial Fishing Communities

    June 1, 2012 - Volume 42, No. 21

    • Harper's Limit on Foreign Investment Reviews Slammed
    • Changes to Unemployment Insurance No Help to Workers
    • Cuts to Marine Communications Pose Major Safety Threat
    • Congrats to CALM Winners!
    • CAW Members at Evraz Camrose Works Ratify New Agreement
    • CAW to Appeal Outstanding WSIB Claims for Toxic Exposures
    • Annual EI/CPP Conference Rejects EI Changes
    • Register Now! CAW Women's Conference
    • Staff Appointment
    • Good Jobs Pledge

    May 25, 2012 - Volume 42, No. 20

    • New Union Discussions by CEP/CAW Reach Milestone
    • More Cuts To Coast Guard Services Reduces Safety
    • CAW Expresses Disappointment with 'Action Plan' Aimed at   Long-term Care Deregulation
    • Take Action on a New Deal for Ontario Northland
    • YWCA Toronto Elm Centre Opens
    • Staff Appointment
    • Working with the Environment  Student Art Show and Silent Auction
    • International Day Against Homophobia and Transphobia CAW Statement, May 17, 2012

    May 18, 2012 - Volume 42, No. 19

    • BC Labour Board Rules Email Addresses Must Be Provided
    • Youth Unemployment Requires Government Action
    • Food is a Human Right: National Food Policy Needed
    • Reverse Changes to Temporary Foreign Worker Program
    • WTO called on to Dismiss Japan, EU Challenge to Renewable Energy Policy
    • Two Workplace Fatalities
    • Outstanding CAW Retired Worker of the Year Award
    • Women in Trades Conference
    • Health and Safety Conference: Reminder
    • CLC Job Posting
    • CAW Video Contest Poster

    May 11, 2012 - Volume 42, No. 18

    • SNC-Lavalin Puts High-tech Jobs at Risk, says CEP and CAW
    • Evraz Camrose Works Locks Out Local 551 Members
    • Lobster Pricing Dispute Over in Newfoundland
    • Walk for Peace Highlights Native Land Claims
    • New Union Project Updates
    • CAW Connected

    May 4, 2012 - Volume 42, No. 17

    • Ontario Northland Target Premier McGuinty's Office
    • CAW Takes Auto Policy Pitch to Ontario Minister Duguid
    • CAW Local 222 Family Auxiliary Celebrates 75th Anniversary
    • CAW President Condemns Changes to TFWP
    • Women's Rights Are Not Up for Debate: Open Letter
    • Planning for Your Future in Winnipeg
    • Evraz Serves 72-Hour Lockout Notice to Alberta Workers
    •  New Pay Equity Training Program
    • An Open Letter to Quebec Government: Supporting Student Movement

    April 27, 2012 - Volume 42, No. 16

    • Orion Bus Closure Caused by Government Inaction, says CAW
    • Rally Against Austerity Budget Descends on Queen's Park
    • Hundreds Demonstrate in Support of Navistar Workers
    • CAW Calls on Government to Reform Bankruptcy Legislation
    • CAW Brings Severance Fight to Bay Street
    • Re-think Canada's Auto Industry Meetings in Full Swing
    • CLC's Hassan Yussuff Elected President of TUCA
    • CAW Easter Bunny Drive for Children in Calgary Hospital
    • Lobster Fishermen Set Up Co-op in Newfoundland and Labrador
    • CAW Long Term Care Bargaining Leadership Meeting
    • CAW Retiree Cashes-In On Group Insurance Contest

    April 20, 2012 - Volume 42, No. 15

    • A New Vision for Canada's Auto Industry
    • Galvanizing the Labour Movement
    • New Union Project Positive Antidote to Capitalism
    • A United Progressive Movement Can Stop Harper
    • Continuing the Fight Back after Electro-Motive
    • Delegates Commit to Challenge Harper's Free Trade Agenda
    • CAW Recognizes Day of Mourning
    • Ontario Northland Not For Sale
    • Stop Pipeline Construction and the Export of Natural Resources
    • Preserving Good Jobs in the Gaming Sector
    • Friends of Wind Ontario Commends CAW for Action on Environment
    • Locked-Out Fishing Trawler Workers Ratify New Agreement
    • Walk for Peace, Respect and Friendship - April 28
    • CAW Video Contest

    April 13, 2012 - Volume 42, No. 14

    • Austerity Plans a Gross Miscalculation for Canada
    • Vote to Kill Gun Registry a Loss for Canadians, CAW says
    • No Justice After Vancouver Bus Driver Assault, CAW says
    • Snowbear Demonstration: Monday April 23 at 11 a.m. in Toronto
    • Ontario Day of Action Against Cuts: April 21
    • Important Reminder Navistar Demonstration April 21, at Truck Show

    April 5, 2012 - Volume 42, No. 13

    • Budget Cuts Won't Deliver Progress for Canadians, CAW says
    • Rally Against Rio Tinto Lockout in Alma, Quebec
    • Earth Hour a World-Wide Success
    • Financial Appeal for Locked Out Trawler Crew
    • Workers Owed Severance Demonstrate in Toronto
    • CAW Youth Activist Program
    • CAW Local 725 Members Approve New Contract at WAJAX
    • Education Conference - Registration Deadline April 13
    • Rain Barrel Bargain in Durham Region
    • CAW Employment Insurance and CPP Conference

    March 30, 2012 - Volume 42, No. 12

    • Ontario Budget Fails to Live up to Election Promises, CAW says
    • Navistar Demonstration at Truck Show: April 21 in Toronto
    • Federal NDP Leadership Convention
    • Free Trade with Japan will Worsen Trade Deficit, CAW says
    • Pay Equity Course: April 22 to 26
    • Auto Jobs In Our Community Poster

    March 23, 2012 - Volume 42, No. 11

    • Ontario Gaming Reforms, CAW Responds
    • Now is the Time to Change Status Quo, Labour Experts say
    • CCPA Releases Alternative Federal Budget 2012
    • New Study Confirms Benefit of Support to Auto Industry
    • No Cuts to Injured Workers' Benefits: Open Letter to McGuinty
    • FFAW/CAW Members Locked Out

    March 16, 2012 - Volume 42, No. 10

    • CAW Donates $100,000 to Women's Shelters
    • New Agreement Reached for Marine Communications and Traffic Service Officers
    • CAW Criticizes U.S. Subsidy to Caterpillar Sales in Canada
    • CAW Supports B.C. Teachers
    • Decline in Job Seekers Must Prompt Immediate Action
    • Owner-Operator, Fleet Separation Policies Must be Saved, says FFAW/CAW
    • Free Trade with Europe Could Inflict Economic Pain on NS
    • Deadline Approaching for CAW 2012 Family Education Program
    • Design the PowerShift 2012 Logo!
    • New Union Project

    March 9, 2012 - Volume 42, No. 9

    • CAW Members at 407 ETR Ratify New Collective Agreement
    • CAW Charges Forward at Navistar in Chatham
    • International Day for the Elimination of Racism: March 21st
    • Fishers Warn Government Reforms Could Undercut Workers
    • Ontario School Bus Drivers Support Possible Strike
    • CETA Exemption Request a Responsible Move by Toronto
    • CAW President Ken Lewenza Visits the University of Manitoba
    • Unanswered Questions in Nova Scotia Health Care Bargaining
    • International Women's Day 2012 Statement

    March 2, 2012 - Volume 42, No. 8

    • Prevent Another Caterpillar Modernize Labour Laws
    • CAW Members Approve Agreement at Nav Canada
    • Jobs Preserved for GTAA Baggage Handlers
    • Halifax Picket Line Solidarity
    • CAW Champions Human Rights of Temporary Foreign Workers
    • Donation to Burns Lake Explosion Victims
    • New Pay Equity Course
    • New Agreement Ratified at Marine Atlantic
    • Betrayed: The Story of Clergy United
    • CAW Skilled Trades Bargaining and New Technology Conference
    • CAW Supports B.C. Coalition Against Child Labour
    • CAW Welcomes New Members

    February 24, 2012 - Volume 42, No. 7

    • Electro-Motive Closure Agreement Approved
    • New Agreement at High Liner Foods
    • CAW President Re-joins NDP to Support Peggy Nash
    • CAW Members Strike for Fair Deal at 407 ETR
    • Drummond Sets Wrong Direction for Economic Recovery, CAW says
    • CAW Stands with Students on Day of Action

    February 17, 2012 - Vol. 42, No. 6

    • Close Loopholes in Investment Canada Act, CAW Demands
    • Labour Leaders Challenge Raitt on Caterpillar Closure
    • Air Canada In-Flight Crew Schedulers Ratify New Deal
    • CAW Blockade at Guelph, Ontario Snowplow Plant
    • Attention CAW Members: CAW Group Insurance Program

    February 10, 2012 - Volume 42, No. 5

    • CAW Outraged at Closure of Electro-Motive in London
    • Campaign Opposing Harper Coast Guard Cuts
    • Wind Turbine Construction Complete
    • CAW 2012 Family Education Program

    February 3, 2012 - Volume 42, No. 4

    • Caterpillar Record Profits Means Demands for Cuts Groundless
    • Premier McGuinty Urges Caterpillar to Show Flexibility
    • CAW Local 114 Members Ratify New Contract at Viking Air
    • Veterans Transportation First Agreement
    • Occupy Movement Continues to Highlight Inequality
    • Solidarity Message to Locked-out Rio Tinto Workers
    • Air Canada Crew Schedulers Vote to Strike if Necessary
    • CAW Urges Ontario to Support Maintenance of Gun Registry Data
    • Oshawa Calls for Exemption from European Trade Deal
    • Sunwing Pilots Association Merges with CAW

    January 27, 2012 - Volume 42. No. 3

    • Massive Rally in Support of Electro-Motive Workers
    • CAW and CEP to Begin Talks on New Union
    • CAW President Calls on Feds to Stop Cuts to Coast Guard Centres
    • Staff Appointment

    January 20, 2012 - Volume 42, No. 2

    • Strengthen Public Services and Expand the Ontario Economy, CAW Urges Commission
    • GTA Aboriginal and Workers of Colour Caucus
    • CAW Serves 72-Hour Strike Notice at Viking Air
    • CAW Reaches Tentative Agreement with Nav Canada
    • Court Victory for Toronto Limousine Drivers
    • CAW Wind Turbine Construction Nearing Completion

    January 13, 2012 - Volume 42, No. 1

    • Electro-Motive Workers Day of Action on Saturday, January 21
    • Protesting Newfoundland Fish Plant Closures
    • Canada's Employment Numbers Paint Sad Picture for 2012
    • Union-Art Cartoon  
    • Government Benefits 2012
    • Fat Cat Poster - Electro-Motive January 21 Rally