Canada Needs a National Public Transit Strategy

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For decades successive governments have undervalued the country's transportation system and ignored the growing need to link provinces and territories, cities and towns and even neighbourhoods to one another in a sustainable way.

The CAW has recognized that sustainable transportation must be a priority for the union and for all levels of government.

The union has outlined key principles - including environmental sustainability, valuing quality service over profit, the promotion of good jobs in the sector and supporting local manufacturing.

Read the document here.

Opposition Transportation Critic MP Olivia Chow has tabled a private members' bill, calling on the government to create a national public transit strategy, that would coordinate the country's current patchwork of transit systems and provide consistent reliable funding.  

Take a moment now to send a letter to your Member of Parliament and tell them that you think our country deserves a comprehensive made-in-Canada national public transit strategy.

Affordable, quality public transit matters to Canadians!