White Ribbon Campaign

Toronto, Ontario

November 30, 2011

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CAW White Ribbon Campaign 2011
CAW White Ribbon 20th Anniversary
dated November 30, 2011


November 30, 2011

Julie White
CAW Director, Women's Programs

       "Today is the twentieth anniversary of the White Ribbon Campaign and our members from VIA and a number of our staff reps. have come down to Union Station where twenty years ago Jack Layton kicked off the White Ribbon Campaign. So we are here with a number of people to raise awareness around ending violence against women. Our Union is front and centre, as far as I am concerned, in terms of the labour movement on being involved in this issue."

Bob Orr
CAW Assistant to the National President 

       " Three hundred and sixty five days of the year we take on the issue of violence against women. We go to bargaining tables and a lot of our bargaining committees are male dominated in some of our older work places and men are very forceful in saying to the employer that we need to bargain things like our women's advocate program that is designed to give women an avenue to come forward to stop violence against women where they face it in their social life. so men are very good in supporting this."

Denise Hampden
CAW Local 4003 

"The minute you tell people that we are here because of December 6th and the White Ribbon Campaign was established as a result of that their eyes light up and they recognize the good work we are trying to do and thank us for doing that work so it has been a very good response, pleasantly surprised."

Andrew Stephen
CAW Local 4003 Chairperson, VIA Rail Toronto

       "The ribbon is an entry point into a conversation that those people are going to have in their work places, in their home,at the bus stop, at the water cooler. These are the kind of places where they are going to tell the people that ask them "What is that white ribbon for?" and they are going to say "I support ending violence against women and so should you"."

Trish McAuliffe
CAW Retiree

       "Getting People comfortable to talk about maybe those closed door issues and so more and more today we are finding that men are onboard and something that they are very willingly taking part in."

Todd Minerson
White Ribbon Campaign Exec. Director

       "We now support activities in over sixty countries around the world as well and we work with international partners, the UN to build a capacity of global efforts to end violence and to include prevention work with men and boys. One of the things that really warms our heart is when we see organizations like yours take on this issue. It takes courage it takes guts it takes will power to address something that not a lot of people want to face and deal with and what is particularly interesting to us is not only the gender equality and the women's rights work that you have done over the decades but also the fact that you folks have created your own campaign around engaging men and that, to us, is a sign of amazing progress."

CAW Making A Difference.

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