Support Striking Auto Workers in India

October 19, 2011, 12:00 PM EST

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The CAW is calling on members to support the struggle of 7,000 striking auto workers in India, who are facing heavy-handed repression by their company (Maruti Suzuki) and government over union rights. The CAW is endorsing a global appeal issued by the International Metalworkers Federation (IMF) asking trade unionists around the world to lend their support and show solidarity.

The IMF, in partnership with LabourStart, has launched an online petition campaign and is encouraging union members, as well as concerned citizens, to send letters to Maruti Suzuki CEO Shinzo Nakanishi condemning the company's anti-worker behaviour and their refusal to recognize a collective agreement signed on September 30.

Maruti Suzuki workers staged a sit-down strike on October 7 after company officials denied contract workers access to the plant, and their jobs - despite having signed a new collective agreement.

Contract workers have been subjected to intimidation and violent attacks by company thugs. So far, 120 striking workers have been fired or suspended. The Indian government has sided with the company in this dispute and on October 10 the Hanyana Labour Department declared the strike illegal.

"The repressive action of this employer and the Indian government toward auto workers is simply unconscionable," said CAW President Ken Lewenza. "This is another example of corporate-lead globalization rearing its ugly head and trampling over workers' rights."

"We'll stand in solidarity with our sisters and brothers in India and will do what we can to support them in this struggle."

Please take a moment to show your solidarity and send a letter to Maruti Suzuki CEO Shinzo Nakanishi by clicking here.


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