Rally for Toronto

Toronto, Ontario

September 26, 2011

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CAW Labour Day 2011
Rally for Toronto
dated September 26, 2011

Toronto, Ontario
September 26, 2011


Toronto, Ontario
September 26, 2011

Sandy Hudson
Canadian federation of Students, Ontario Chairperson

       "We were told that there was going to be no cuts to services, but all we've heard from this council so far is about what they want to cut. That is why we are here today and we are not going to let this happen to our city."

Augustre Munro
TCHC Tenant

       "We are calling on the Mayor and the councillors to honestly support TCHC tenants across the city. Efficient housing is the way, decent housing providing safe housing for people to live in. We want them to stop the destruction of our beautiful city of Toronto. We are tenants of social housing, we are tax payers and we are not for sale."

Kenny Morgan
Transit worker

       "I'm a street car operator. I've been working for this transit commission for twenty plus years. These people are attempting to take away your new transits systems. We need to stop that. As individuals even as individual locals we are vulnerable, but as a group, a group of locals, as a group of people in this city we are invincible."

Latitia Boahen
Jane Finch Action Against Poverty

       "What we need is the creation of good decent jobs as apposed to attacking workers who provide much needed services in our city."

Trish O'Brian
Heavy Duty Cleaner

       "We have hundreds of cleaners that have committed their lives to this city and Mayor Ford wants to turn them into poverty wage jobs. We work in your police stations, city hall, hospitals, long term care, child care and the civic centres. Just because you don't see us doesn't mean we don't exist. We believe as cleaners we should build Toronto not destroy it."

Manna Wong
Scarborough Resident

       "These programs are not part of your gravy train. They provide virtual lifelines to the larger communities especially for many members of the ethnic groups and especially to a lot of frail seniors. To the members of the city council; Please respect your citizens. To our fellow Torontoians, we can fight back. We can stop the cutbacks when we do it together."

Ayesha Adha

       "It's not about the money, money, money, We don't think it's funny, funny, funny. When you take away a lifeline, from people on the poverty line. Ain't about the (ha!) cha-ching cha-ching. When you're cutting thing after thing. Listen to the Atwood, Keep Toronto fair and good."

DJ Mohammad Ali

       "Torontah, Hogtown, T.Dot, Big Smoke. Millionaire mayor only out for rich folk.
Laying off workers, paying them a death wage, attacking graffiti cause medium's the message. Can't afford Rob stealing our services shutting down libraries makes me feel nervousness, imagine the nerve of this fat cat politician if alcohol was jobs we'd be under prohibition."

CAW Fighting Back Makes A Difference

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