CAW Labour Day Parade

Toronto, Ontario

September 5, 2011

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CAW Labour Day 2011

Toronto, Ontario
September 5, 2011


Toronto, Ontario
September 5, 2011

Peter Kennedy
CAW National Secretary-Treasurer

       "Welcome to labour day 2011. Labour day is a time for working people to celebrate, to acknowledge the achievements that we've made, to reflect upon our successes but also to look forward to the challenges that we face. Let us march proudly understanding and recognizing that the labour movement is a fundamental part of our democracy and without a strong labour movement there is no democracy."

Bente Andersen
United Federation of Danish Workers

       "It is a great honour to be here sharing our solidarity from the United Federation of Danish Workers with you. It is very important that we, as workers, come together across borders, nationalities, genders and ethical differences. It doesn't matter where you come from. Everyone deserves a good job and also to have a chance to live a life in dignity."

Sid Ryan
Ontario Federation of Labour President

       "We need a united labour movement to take on this right wing agenda that is staring us in the face in this province."

Hassan Yussuff
Canadian Labour Congress Secretary-Treasurer

       "Today is a day to celebrate but it is also a day for us to reflect upon the hard work and commitment we have made to improve this country, this province and our cities across this land. So I want to thank you so much, have a great march and I will look forward to the on going work we must do to strengthen our country, our province and our cities."

Jenny Ahn
CAW Political Action and Membership Mobilization Director

       "We are here to celebrate a day for all our struggles and victories for not just unionized workers but for workers right across the country. That's what unions do, we represent our members, we represent our communities and we represent our brothers and sisters who don't belong to a union as well because they are equally as important as workers in this great city."

Comments from the Parade

       "I am supporting my brother in law and sister they work for Chrysler, so I thought I'd come along for the ride. This is my third year." ...... "We are with Local 973 the Coca Cola Workers of Brampton." ...... "We are CAW Local 1000." ..... "We are with Local 1285, I work at the Brampton Assembly Plant."..... "We are having a great time. Local 1459 is here every year and we will always be here to represent Etobicoke."

Bob Chernecki
CAW Assistant to the National President

       "Labour day is our day. Labour day is our day to celebrate with our families and our friends and our colleagues and the labour movement in total for one thing only and that is to ensure that people have a voice in this country and labour is an important voice. We are going to continue saying to Canadians; "What we have today we want for you". We want good pensions, we want good salaries, we want good homes for people and we are not going to accept the right wing ideology and we never will."

CAW Fighting Back Makes A Difference.

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