Famine in East Africa

The Eastern horn of Africa is experiencing one of its worst droughts on record. Two years with little rain has decimated crops and livestock, creating one of the most devastating famines in the region ever.

Families with small children are fleeing their villages on foot to far away refugee camps in the hope of accessing food and water.  Millions of people are now without the basic necessities of life. More than 3 million people require immediate aid to survive.

Oxfam Canada is working with the labour movement to raise much needed funds to provide food and water sanitation support for the region. The CAW Social Justice Fund has already donated $25,000 towards Oxfam's efforts. You can help.*

Oxfam has set up an online portal for CAW members to donate.

In 2003, the CAW raised over $70,000 generously donated by local unions to support Oxfam's famine relief in Ethiopia which was hard hit by a two year drought. Oxfam was able to improve water supply sources and replenish livestock that was lost in the drought. Because of this work in Ethiopia, today the area has not being as hard hit as it would have been by the drought. 

The CAW has supported the organization's projects as far back as in 1992 in their Somali relief efforts.

Once the crisis has passed, Oxfam will continue to work in the region to help communities rebuild and become better equipped to face disasters in the future.

*The federal government will match any funds donated to a registered Canadian charity responding to the famine.