CAW Ratifies New Deal at Air Canada

June 27, 2011

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CAW Ratifies New Deal at Air Canada
CAW Ratifies New Deal at Air Canada
dated June 27, 2011

Toronto, Ontario
June 27, 2011

Toronto, Ontario
June 27, 2011

Jamie Ross
CAW Local 2002 President

       "The show of solidarity and the united front through this round of bargaining with Air Canada was a watershed moment in time, memories that will stay with me for the rest of my life. I thank and congratulate each and every one of you."

Bob Chernecki
CAW Assistant to National President

       "We set out to accomplish a couple of things this round of bargaining. One of them clearly was to come back with an agreement that people could respect and people could standup and support including our membership and our leadership across the country. I think we did that in spades. I think we built the membership here to know and have the confidence that in the future if Air Canada wants to play this silly stupid game we are going to be there, we are going to be in their face and we are going to exercise the right to strike without question."

Tammy Moore
CAW Local 2002 District 508

       "I think the tentative agreement is excellent. I think they worked very hard to get it. I think that after ten years of claw backs we couldn't have asked for anything better than this, for sure."

 Paul Janssen
CAW Air Canada Bargaining Committee Chair

       "This work on article six was instrumental in getting our half hour back. We told the company straight out there was only one reason that we would entertain discussing any changes here and that was to achieve our half hour."

Denise Pasioske
CAW Local 2002 District 101

       "Well I said to David that I'd do a cartwheel if the half hour was gone so I guess I owe him at least one cartwheel. That was huge. That was a big thing on the top ten list."

Benoit Lapointe
CAW Local 2002 District 400

       "Getting our pension plan secured that was also one of the things that was very important to our membership and we got it too."

Jo-Ann Hannah
CAW National Representative, Pensions & Benefits

       "Really our fight at Air Canada on the pension issue is a fight for Canadians across this country and we really are on the leading edge of that fight."

Ken Lewenza
CAW National President

       "The first act of government was to suppress workers under a majority government. This legislation was going to be passed almost immediately. Back to work legislation, rammed through the senate and within seven days we'd be ordered back to work. Because these employers have the government on their side, they have law on their side and they have so much power to suppress workers that we have to fight back and bring all Canadians in line with our campaign. We didn't get these pension plans because the companies were generous. We got these pensions plans over the last four decades because of the power of the union. We will not be able to hold onto our pension plans long term, long term if in fact we don't bring all Canadians up to a reasonable standard through Canada Pension, Old Age Security and Guaranteed Supplements."

CAW Fighting Back Makes A Difference.

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