Out of Equilibrium: The Impact of Canada-European Union Free Trade in the Real World

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Federal and provincial negotiations are plowing ahead in hopes of signing a new-fangled free trade deal with the European Union, called the Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement. It's a deal that threatens almost every aspect of Canada's social, economic and environmental policy framework. This deal is premised on the false logic that free trade is simply better for us all - and that's not entirely true.

In fact, Canadians have a lot to lose should this deal go through. Federal, provincial and municipal governments will have their decision-making powers restricted. Public services will be up for grabs by private corporations. Tens of thousands of jobs could be lost. And that's just the tip of the iceberg.

CAW Economist Jim Stanford offers his take on the CETA negotiations in this video presentation called Out of Equilibrium: The Impact of Canada-European Union Free Trade in the Real World. He challenges the merits and methodology of government studies that suggest this deal will bring only good things to both Canada and the EU. Stanford contrasts the government's Pollyanna view with results from his own independent research that show this deal will likely worsen Canada's already lopsided trade imbalance with Europe and could kill 150,000 Canadian jobs.

Out of Equilibriam from Jim Sadlemyer on Vimeo.

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