CAW Rallies in Support of Air Canada Negotiations

Toront, Ontario

June 9, 2011

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CAW Rallies in Support of Air Canada Negotiations
CAW Rallies in Support of Air Canada Negotiations
dated June 9, 20110

Toronto, Ontario
June 9, 2011

Pearson International Airport
June 9, 2011


Jamie Ross
CAW Local 2002 President

       "Thirty-eight hundred CAW Air Canada customer sales and service agents stand together today from reservations and airports to say to Air Canada "Enough is Enough! Air Canada still has their demands of pension cuts of 40 per cent and a two tier system still on the table. We want to be perfectly clear here Air Canada those concessions must go. They will not be tolerated."


Lucinda Fernandes
CAW Local 2002

       "I contributed to the pension plan from the day that I started working here and they are not going to make any changes to my pension. Nor are they going to make any changes to the employees that are going to start now. This is a very important issue. We are ready to walk for however long it takes for them to get the message."


Marie Clarke Walker
CLC Vice President

       "What affects you at Air Canada affects every worker right across this country. We are sick and tired of building companies, and you know that you have built this company from the ground up and then having everything that you have built decimated and taken away."


Peter Kennedy
CAW National Secretary-Treasurer

       "Working people whether it is at Air Canada, whether it is at Canada Post, whether it is the Steel Workers, we are fed up with the hypocrisy quite frankly that is happening and coming out of the mouths of politicians and CEOs who you know can reward themselves with a million and a half dollars a day in stock options as Mulally did at Ford but say that those that are making $22 an hour they are the cause of the problems in the economy."


Ken Lewenza
CAW National President

       "This is a struggle of our membership at local 2002 but it is also a struggle of flight attendants that are here today, it is a struggle with pilots that are here today, it is a struggle with machinists workers that are here today. This is a struggle of all workers and our bond of solidarity is clear. "Every body that goes to work each and every day wants a fair wage, wants a fair benefit and is entitled to pension security! You can not pad you pockets with millions and millions of dollars in wages and then lecture those that at the maximum level makes $45,000 a year. Talk about the productivity improvements that have been made over the last decade, talk about the quality of the workforce, talk about the age of the work force that gave their heart and soul to this company. Do not talk about exploiting workers anymore."


Bob Chernecki
Bob Chernecki Assistant to CAW National President

       "Our workers are speaking loud and clear, not just here now but across the country ending with Toronto, we had rallies at every major city, hundreds of workers out there. Air Canada workers have had enough."


Bob Madrick
CAW Local 2002

       "He walks away with five and a half million dollars but he is going to stop us from getting enough money to survive when we retire?"


Sheila Fardy
CAW Local 2002

       "I haven't had a raise in ten years and now they are coming after our pensions which is one of the major reasons that we work these crazy shifts and you know the benefits and the pay haven't improved at all in all this time. Enough is enough. And the best thing about this is the solidarity because they had us divided and I really have never seen this group so united. It's a great thing."

CAW Fighting Back Makes A Difference.

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