Protocol on Union Raiding

April 30, 2011, 11:30 AM EST

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CAW Council delegates unanimously approved a protocol agreement worked out in cooperation with the CLC involving Teamsters Canada that is intended to stop predatory raiding between CAW and Teamsters Canada workplaces.

The protocol, which will be voted on at the CLC Convention in May as a protocol to apply to all union raiding, also includes a process for workers' democracy.

CAW President Ken Lewenza said there remains a lot of work to do on this issue and stressed the responsibility of all parts of the labour movement in building greater union density. He said it will take a lot of work from labour leadership to make the new protocol work. 

"It's about how do we continue to build our movement," said Lewenza. "I see this as an opportunity to build confidence."

He said the basic principle is that if workers have lost trust in their union then they have the right to make a decision to change.

CAW Organizing Director John Aman said the protocol shows strong leadership by CAW. He said there is a pressing need for a strong labour movement that is able to resolve differences - "it's the only way we can attack the neo-Liberal agenda."

"Everyone must come together rather than fighting each other," Aman said.

Delegates spoke about the importance of rebuilding the labour movement to fight globalization and the right wing political agenda.

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